Wednesday, January 28, 2004


Coupe d'Europe et Grand Prix de France
Satuday 13 March 2004 at 19h50

The annual indoor meeting at the Palais Omnisports in Paris. Combine a very entertaining night's racing with a trip to Paris in Spring. If you have never been a to this meeting is highly recommended.

Click the following link to visit the organiser's website, where you can also book tickets.

Super Stock Car

Also, while surfing I found this website about Luxembourg Stock Car Racing:

Luxembourg Stock Cars

If anyone finds further informaton about stock car racing on the mainland on the web please can you send the links to me? Email

MGM Mirage

Did anyone else spot the news of the buyout of numerous UK Greyhound Tracks by giant US Casino operator MGM Mirage. Stock Car tracks included in the deal - prompted by impending changes in Gambling Law - include Wimbledon and Belle Vue. Its difficult to predict the impact of these changes but it is obviously important that stadia retain their raison-d'etre as sporting venues.

I can't help thinking that some action needs to be taken to help protect the interests of motorsport (and I think this covers all types whether two or four wheeled) and that this should be better co-ordinated and more systematic than hitherto. If anyone agrees with that please get in touch so we can consider ways in which this might be done. Click here to email

Monday, January 26, 2004

A Few Thoughts

1. Post NEC
I did mean to mention this more than a week or so ago but it seems to me that the copy in AUTOSPORT in the week following the NEC Show was far more oval-racing friendly than it has been in the past:

"The Live Action Arena was noisier than ever during an oval racing special"

"Oval Cars and BriSCA F1 fired up the crowd".

"It was a superb showcase for a gentre of motorsport ideally suited to the Live Action Arena".

"Vibration. BriSCA F1 stock cars. Ther's nothing to match the rumbling in your rib cage every time the pack goes past. We're very surprised fans don't end up dislocating bits at the World Final when there are more than 30 of the things in the one arena".

There's some of the choice quotes and this year there were some pictures too! Lets see a strengthened oval presence at the show in 2005!

2. Coventry

There's some uncertainty around following the article in the Coventry Evening Telegraph which states "The final stage of the plan will see the presence of stock car and banger racing come under review, though Heaver stresses that speedway is to remain as a core activity".

I do not wish to add to the speculation but most businesses, in the event that press coverage is misleading, would be quickly putting out information to set the record straight. Hopefully we will see something emerge soon from Coventry Racing Club. One thing clear in my mind, however, is that Brandon has existed for more than 50 years as a two and four-wheeled motorsport venue and there is no reason why that should not continue to be the case, especially as the site has green belt protection The suggestion of a leisure club being built in the pit area must be of concern, however, as at face value that undermines car racing at the venue.

Click here to see the press report and draw your own conclusions

3. Odsal
Regular visitors to this site will recall that evidence to facilitate the return of stock car racing to Odsal - by protecting the racetrack and pit area from other development - was presented by this website and BOSS to the Bradford Unitary Development Plan Public Inquiry.

There's no news on this yet but I will be updating the site with any news as soon as I have it to hand!

Wednesday, January 21, 2004

eBay Update

Remember the 'WILDBILL TO WILDCAT' book. Well it sold for £36.01 so I thought why not give this a go myself!

So if you are short of a CIVIL WAR 5 programme you can bid for mine by CLICKING HERE

Monday, January 19, 2004


For those who have not tried it already there is a healthy market for stox-related goods on eBay, and whats more most of them seem to sell!

If you are quick you can get hold of BriSCA Annuals from 1971 and 1972 and even a copy of Keith Barber's book 'WILDBILL TO WILDCAT', current selling price £18!

I suggest you either look under the following categories on
Sports > Sports Memoribilia > Other Motorsport

or simply type in Stock Car Racing or Bangers in the search box.

If you wish to join eBay and help with the upkeep of Rolling Start you may do so using the following link:

Click Here to shop at

Apart from programmes and magazines you'll find die-cast models and even ful-size racecars!

Friday, January 16, 2004


According to the tracker the most popular current pictures on the site are as follows:

at #3 with 350 views its:

then at #2 on 405 views its:

and at #1, surprise surprise, on 680 views its:

Not a lot to do with stock car racing! So I thought what is the most popular stock car on the site at present? Could it be Lee or Polley? Junior Wainman? Falding?

Errr well not quite, its this one (with 298 views)!

I don't know if this has been of any interest but I may start to reveal the most popular pictures again as the year progresses.

Thursday, January 15, 2004


Well I thought so! Having just uploaded the pictures from Civil War 5 I just received the 2004 Rules & Regs from Incarace. These will be added to the INCARACE site as soon as I can get round to it.

I also received the following which I am sure will be of interest to some folks:

Oval Legends Cars
Provisional Incarace Fixtures 2004

27th March Birmingham Rnd 1
12th April Hednesford Rnd 2
17th April Ipswich Rnd 3
24th April Swaffham Rnd 4
3rd May Hednesford Rnd 5
23rd May Hednesford Rnd 6
31st May Northampton Rnd 7
12 June Ipswich Rnd 8
19th / 20th June Warneton European Championship
27th June Hednesford Rnd 9
17th July Ipswich Rnd 10
31st July / 1st August Hednesford National Championship Weekend
21st August Swaffham Rnd 11
30th August Northampton Rnd 12
25th September Birmingham Rnd 13
10th October Northampton Rnd 14
7th November Hednesford Rnd 15
13th November Birmingham Rnd 16

Tuesday, January 13, 2004


Okay, so the site has just been updated with a gallery from last Saturday's indoor meeting at the NEC. The next task is to sort through the CIVIL WAR pictures.

Following that I guess it'll be time to start uploading the 2004 fixture lists. As many will know I do this by scanning the national formula listings and then rely on links to promoters websites for the more detailed rundown of dates. I think that is the best way to do this and hopefully one which minimises scope for errors.

Anyway I thought it would be interesting to glance at the fixture lists for the main formulas as issued at the NEC to look for 'interesting' things. Here's what caught my eye:

They are back at Coventry - yippee! And we only have to wait until April 3 for the first of 3 events!
Mallory Park on May 16. A dozen or so Superstox were good so a full field of F2s could be stunning!
A full season of dates at Workington.

2L Saloons
A meeting in the Midlands! At Hedno on 23 May. Should be good!
Two New Year 2005 dates, both in the SW

A meeting in March!
Golden Jubilee Dates at Bristol (26 June), Venray (14 August), Yarmouth (22 August) and Ipswich (16 October) as well as established venues though no sign of Lydden Hill or Mildenhall.
Two Wimbledon meetings as in 2003

Overall verdict - carries forward the best of previous years with some notable additions to look forward to.

Sunday, January 11, 2004


What a fantastic weekend's racing we have just had!

Polley and Lee, or is it Lee and Polley?

The Oval race meeting at the NEC was quite simply excellent. It ran like clockwork and while all of the racing was top quality I thought the historic section stole the show. The interview with Fred Parsons was fascinating and didn't the old stockcars look - and sound - the business?! Then I know the Barry Lee vs George Polley races brought back many memories of days gone by for many. I took some video at the meeting and Dave Smith has started to send through a few pictures so hopefully we should have a good gallery to enjoy. Here's a taster of Dave's pictures and as he points out conditions for good photography in that arena were not at all easy. If anyone reading this has any good pictures from the meeting please send them over!

The moral of this bonnet ... Don't count your chickens ...!!

Then on Sunday it was across to Hednesford for Civil War 5 and they finally did it, the South won! For the first half of the meeting it was nip and tuck with both teams getting their nose in front but come final time the South really showed excellent teamwork and strategy and saw off the North in superb style! And then what happens? Another streaker! Pictures to follow.

So two superb events so congratulations are due to all concerned for making both so enjoyable.

Thursday, January 08, 2004


Since my feet are aching I thought I'd come to include a couple of pictures from the show and grab a coffee. The big surprise is there's a BriSCA F2 on display in the main hall - a Finnikin car for sale as part of COYS auction. There's also a very old midget which will generate a lot of interest I'm sure.

I'm inclined not to bid for the Finnikin car, however, instead I'll have this one!

No sign of the BriSCA F1s in the main show but they are racing this afternoon in the Indoor Arena. I can confirm this since I just bumped into Frankie Wainman Junior.

More pictures from the main show and hopefully the Indoor Live Action will be uploaded later.

Wednesday, January 07, 2004


Today's updates are new adverts on the For Sale Page and a Boxing Day meeting report from Ringwood.

The rest of this week sees ones of the busiest times of the year on the site with news from the AUTOSPORT INTERNATIONAL SHOW from the NEC starting tomorrow all being well, followed by the OVAL RACING SHOW from this Saturday and Sunday and of course the massive CIVIL WAR confrontation at Hednesford this Sunday.

Look out for the updates!

Sunday, January 04, 2004


MGB racing at Standlake

Big news of the day has to be the Heavy Metal Classic. Around 240 cars in a meeting that more than lived up to expectations. I was there taking pictures and extensive galleries will appear on Rolling Start although they will take a little time to sort through! Many thanks to Keith Hook and his team for their great show.

On the website front the bad news is that the webspace had to be renewed for another year. 500Mb of space heve been secured for another year at domain but it does not come cheap!

Onto the Civil War the INCARACE website has been updated with the latest news on the Southern Army and around 30 pictires sorted for the meeting programme.

Friday, January 02, 2004

Today's Updates on RS

Just a couple of updates done today, the For Sale page where seven new ads have been included and three news items in the Diary. The run-up to Xmas is always quiet but as usual things now seem to be picking up apace.

Most amazing is news from Standlake of 220 cars booked in for the Heavy Metal Classic this coming Sunday. I think this is the largest-ever booking list for the event thus raising a real possibility that this could be the biggest-ever Banger meeting. All being well RS will be bringing extensive coverage from this event.

Coverage from yesterday's meeting Wheels should be online tomorrow (Saturday 3rd).

Also received today from Dave Goddard is his extensive review of the BriSCA F2 Season 2003 at INCARACE and the Central League in particular. Look out for this on the INCARACE website in the near future.

Thursday, January 01, 2004


Has anyone else spotted this?

I wonder what the Olympics and Euro 2004 have really got to do with what might be more easily seen as weakening of the Beeb's commitment to motorsport? Teletext page 369 was good as it did include dates for some oval meetings but will the BBC website really includes such information? It does not at the moment and I guess time will tell.

Does anyone else share my rather cynical view? I would love to be proved wrong!

This is a new part of RS where I will try to add some more detailed comments about the maintenance of the website and offer a few comments on recents happenings etc etc.

Season 2004 Starts Here!

So 2004's racing started today at Birmingham Wheels. The weather was pretty awful but the racing was good and so were car turnouts (Lightning Rods 26 cars, Bangers 43 cars, Hot Fords 34 cars). In addition there were three of the new Cruiser Class where there are two drivers, one steers and the other controls the peddles. This is a very promising innovation and one that can be expected to thrive as the season progresses.

There was a DD for the Hot Fords which lasted less than 30 seconds and the infamous Figure of 8 for the Lightning Rods, a race attracting 5 cars but the finish was superb and it seems likely there will be others held. A good thing in my opinion! Bring back the Economy Cars which always raced non-contact on the 8!

There were a number of Bangers returned from last Saturday's Coventry and the racing was very good.

Pictures and results from this meeting will be added soon.