Monday, January 26, 2004

A Few Thoughts

1. Post NEC
I did mean to mention this more than a week or so ago but it seems to me that the copy in AUTOSPORT in the week following the NEC Show was far more oval-racing friendly than it has been in the past:

"The Live Action Arena was noisier than ever during an oval racing special"

"Oval Cars and BriSCA F1 fired up the crowd".

"It was a superb showcase for a gentre of motorsport ideally suited to the Live Action Arena".

"Vibration. BriSCA F1 stock cars. Ther's nothing to match the rumbling in your rib cage every time the pack goes past. We're very surprised fans don't end up dislocating bits at the World Final when there are more than 30 of the things in the one arena".

There's some of the choice quotes and this year there were some pictures too! Lets see a strengthened oval presence at the show in 2005!

2. Coventry

There's some uncertainty around following the article in the Coventry Evening Telegraph which states "The final stage of the plan will see the presence of stock car and banger racing come under review, though Heaver stresses that speedway is to remain as a core activity".

I do not wish to add to the speculation but most businesses, in the event that press coverage is misleading, would be quickly putting out information to set the record straight. Hopefully we will see something emerge soon from Coventry Racing Club. One thing clear in my mind, however, is that Brandon has existed for more than 50 years as a two and four-wheeled motorsport venue and there is no reason why that should not continue to be the case, especially as the site has green belt protection The suggestion of a leisure club being built in the pit area must be of concern, however, as at face value that undermines car racing at the venue.

Click here to see the press report and draw your own conclusions

3. Odsal
Regular visitors to this site will recall that evidence to facilitate the return of stock car racing to Odsal - by protecting the racetrack and pit area from other development - was presented by this website and BOSS to the Bradford Unitary Development Plan Public Inquiry.

There's no news on this yet but I will be updating the site with any news as soon as I have it to hand!

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