Thursday, January 01, 2004


This is a new part of RS where I will try to add some more detailed comments about the maintenance of the website and offer a few comments on recents happenings etc etc.

Season 2004 Starts Here!

So 2004's racing started today at Birmingham Wheels. The weather was pretty awful but the racing was good and so were car turnouts (Lightning Rods 26 cars, Bangers 43 cars, Hot Fords 34 cars). In addition there were three of the new Cruiser Class where there are two drivers, one steers and the other controls the peddles. This is a very promising innovation and one that can be expected to thrive as the season progresses.

There was a DD for the Hot Fords which lasted less than 30 seconds and the infamous Figure of 8 for the Lightning Rods, a race attracting 5 cars but the finish was superb and it seems likely there will be others held. A good thing in my opinion! Bring back the Economy Cars which always raced non-contact on the 8!

There were a number of Bangers returned from last Saturday's Coventry and the racing was very good.

Pictures and results from this meeting will be added soon.

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