Tuesday, January 13, 2004


Okay, so the site has just been updated with a gallery from last Saturday's indoor meeting at the NEC. The next task is to sort through the CIVIL WAR pictures.

Following that I guess it'll be time to start uploading the 2004 fixture lists. As many will know I do this by scanning the national formula listings and then rely on links to promoters websites for the more detailed rundown of dates. I think that is the best way to do this and hopefully one which minimises scope for errors.

Anyway I thought it would be interesting to glance at the fixture lists for the main formulas as issued at the NEC to look for 'interesting' things. Here's what caught my eye:

They are back at Coventry - yippee! And we only have to wait until April 3 for the first of 3 events!
Mallory Park on May 16. A dozen or so Superstox were good so a full field of F2s could be stunning!
A full season of dates at Workington.

2L Saloons
A meeting in the Midlands! At Hedno on 23 May. Should be good!
Two New Year 2005 dates, both in the SW

A meeting in March!
Golden Jubilee Dates at Bristol (26 June), Venray (14 August), Yarmouth (22 August) and Ipswich (16 October) as well as established venues though no sign of Lydden Hill or Mildenhall.
Two Wimbledon meetings as in 2003

Overall verdict - carries forward the best of previous years with some notable additions to look forward to.

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