Thursday, January 15, 2004


Well I thought so! Having just uploaded the pictures from Civil War 5 I just received the 2004 Rules & Regs from Incarace. These will be added to the INCARACE site as soon as I can get round to it.

I also received the following which I am sure will be of interest to some folks:

Oval Legends Cars
Provisional Incarace Fixtures 2004

27th March Birmingham Rnd 1
12th April Hednesford Rnd 2
17th April Ipswich Rnd 3
24th April Swaffham Rnd 4
3rd May Hednesford Rnd 5
23rd May Hednesford Rnd 6
31st May Northampton Rnd 7
12 June Ipswich Rnd 8
19th / 20th June Warneton European Championship
27th June Hednesford Rnd 9
17th July Ipswich Rnd 10
31st July / 1st August Hednesford National Championship Weekend
21st August Swaffham Rnd 11
30th August Northampton Rnd 12
25th September Birmingham Rnd 13
10th October Northampton Rnd 14
7th November Hednesford Rnd 15
13th November Birmingham Rnd 16

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